Biography for Rose Gonzales

A native of Detroit, Michigan, Rose is the eldest daughter in a big Italian family.  She has always possessed an innate sense of design & style, having originally begun to weave what would end up becoming her first bracelet prototypes under her grandmother’s instruction, as a young child.

After working as a product developer for a celebrity for beauty brand and running 2 successful businesses in Detroit, a home construction company and a furniture store, Rose decided to focus on her natural flair for color schemes & business and poured herself into jewelry design, creating her namesake company.

After several successful & happy years in Michigan alongside her husband and their three children, Rose & her family relocated to Sarasota, Florida.

Rose Gonzales designs hand-crafted jewelry and accessories that inevitably reflect her personality: colorful, adaptable and unique.

“What is meant to be, can’t ever leave a person!”
— Rose Gonzales